Jerry Steckling

Founder/Chief Technology Officer
52 years of audio industry experience- Accomplished Acoustician - Designed, built and installed over 100 commercial audio facilities from design to finish. Developed construction documents necessary for Building and Safety Department submissions for material specs, electrical, HVAC, building methods and acoustic treatments. Expert in small room acoustic analysis, speaker design and manufacturing. 

                         Brad Schmidt

Project Manager 
40 years experience in all aspects of Recording Studios and Post Production Suites including Artist Manager, Client, Producer, Studio Owner and Operator, Production Company, Design Consultant and Construction Manager. Sharp Dresser and Good Dancer.                                      818.355.1071

                      Grayson Steckling

Been involved in the company since a young age with 15 years of acoustic building experience. Expert in AutoCad drafting. Also well versed in Acoustical testing and DSP loudspeaker management. 

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